Prospective Clients

Here you will find an explanation of the services and attention I provide to those who gratefully choose to work with me. I appreciate that buying a home is huge and that the time we spend together to make this happen often determines the outcome. You and I will enter a partnership, a team, with one purpose, one goal. Every effort and task required will be dealt with and, thereby accomplished. My promise to you is that no detail will be ignored, no information withheld, that your understanding of details prior to closing are the same details that will appear on your closing documents and the memory of the time spent together will be good...maybe even great!

Download Loan Application

The Process

  1. Fill out a basic Loan Application
    This can be done online, but I would rather meet you in person, so that, your questions and concerns can be addressed then and there. No two circumstances are the same and to think that everyone’s finances can be evaluated the same way is unrealistic.
  2. Contact your CPA for Tax Returns.
    Tax returns are now required for all borrowers. I will make this call for you and continue to follow-up as necessary.
  3. Interpret, guide and recommend an Insurance Representative, Appraiser, Inspector and Title Company, as needed.
    I work with these professionals everyday and feel confident in my recommendations. Further, I will do the follow-up often required to get everyone on the same page concerning time requirements, etc.
  4. Negotiate the perfect loan product at the best interest rate.
  5. Secure all signatures in the interest of time and accuracy.
    Borrowers sometimes have attorney and other representatives involved. Timely acquisition of signatures on various documents, letters, etc. can make or break the process. I will secure these for you.
  6. Communicate 7 days a week.
    My cell phone, 505-470-0932, is my constant companion. I am available 24/7 to discuss your concerns, answer your questions and explain procedures and requirements.
  7. Follow up with every detail and every member of the team.
    As the transaction progresses, it will be necessary to pull all of the intricate parts together in order to advance to a smooth closing. This is my specialty.
  8. Attend all closings.
    I attend closings to answer any last minute questions and/or address any discrepancies. Because we have worked closely with each other through the loan process, I can confidently say there will be no surprises.
  9. Arrange courtesy closings in other cities.
    When necessary, I will arrange for your closing to take place in another city. This is never ideal, but can be handled successfully. Again, this is all a part of my commitment to secure your loan and close it quickly.................your way.

Please consider my experience and history and allow me to help you with one of the most significant steps in your life.